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Namaste from Sukarma Overseas Pvt. Ltd. Nepal ’s First and foremost, we extend our sincere thanks and gratitude for showing your interest towards our organization. It is our big pleasure to initiate ourselves as one of the leading manpower recruiting companies operating in Nepal. Sukarma Overseas Pvt, Ltd. with it’s competent staff members, stands for quality services in order to meet desired demands of the clients.

We always consider the fact that the human potentiality should be utilized to the maximum extent for the betterment of the world Hence, our priority is always to bridge up the opportunities and the human resources. In short, we undertake the responsib ility to provide ‘the right man for the right job’.

Sukarma Overseas Pvt. Ltd. has established an unsurpassed reputation as the leading supplier on Nepalese manpower to the international labour market. Our highly experienced and specialized management team has developed the necessary infrastructure and relationship which, enhanced by technology has led to unsurpassed achievement in the prospering field of international manpower supply.

By working to exceed the exacting standards of all our clients. Sukarma Overseas offers an unusually wide reaching and extremely high quality workforce with all necessary training and qualification from which individual employees are selected for prospering employers all over the world.